Lessons: May 4- May 15
Technology Lesson May 4 -May 8 (English).docx
Technology Lesson May 4- May 8 (Spanish).docx

Lessons: April 27- May 1

Lessons: April 6-April 17

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Lessons: May 4- May 15
Library Lesson May 4- May 15 (ENG-SPA).docx

Lessons: April 27-May 1
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Lessons: April 6-April 17

Library K-5 students Over the next few weeks, please explore our library’s homepage with many online resources to practice & reinforce your listening, reading, and tech skills. You may do this independently or with family. Have fun! Please watch this first –

 ***Please Check out this video I recorded with Screencastify:


Lessons: May 18- May 29

Go to https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/ and go to the Rhythm tab. Practice creating different rhythms by clicking on the different lines and circles. See if you can match the instruments playing by the lines you click.

Lessons: April 6-April 17

Hi my friends. I miss your smiling faces. I hope all of you are all doing well and are keeping busy. Here is a music lesson for my wonderful musicians. We are going to be learning rhythm using cups. This short video will explain how. After the video I’d like you to practice a little more and see if you can create a beat on your own.

You are going to need a few plastic cups before you start.


If you have any questions or need any help please email me.

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